Criminal Law

As you know, the United States constitution guarantees everybody a fair trial, and assumes all accused persons innocent until proven guilty. If you are facing criminal charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer. At The Nellessen Law Office, we hire only the best and brightest criminal defense attorneys-professionals that have proven their intimate knowledge of criminal law.

Our criminal defense offices in Denver, CO have dealt with virtually every kind of defendant. When you hire an experienced defense lawyer with The Nellessen Law Office, you can feel secure that you are hiring a criminal lawyer who will use all the precedents and legal statutes available to argue on your behalf. Of course, there are criminal defendants who choose to defend themselves, but at The Nellessen Law Office, we know that if you want results, you need criminal defense attorneys-you need criminal law masters-to handle every detail of your case. Call The Nellessen Law Office right away to speak with a criminal defense lawyer.